Much more than a hike......

 Broc and I went for hike yesterday in these mountains.

I actually had a very wordy blog post written in between these photos but I think those ideas will wait for another day.  The words were about how much our unschooling lives have led us to days like this with just the two of us now that our kids are grown.

I think I'll save those thoughts for another day and simply say how much fun I have every day sharing my life with this man. We know the importance unschooling has played in our connection and our trust and our playfulness and maybe these photos say it better than I could with those words.

The loop is actually 2.7 miles which doesn't sound far but it was a steep hike down and back up.  Broc and I are both  fairly fit and while we didn't think it was strenuous, we were definitely tired when we got home!

I live with this guy.  He is SWEET!

Broc took this picture today when we were down by the waterfall.  I like it because of my favorite shirt with the hummingbird.  I don't think he probably took it for that reason but that's okay with me.  Doesn't take much to keep him happy. ,At the end of the day, his phone camera also had a bunch of photos of my butt because he was mostly walking behind me on the trail. You won't see those here :)

Did I mention that he is a silly guy?

Seemed like a good time for a rest!

He's got really long arms.  That comes in handy at Unschooling Conferences when they need someone to measure arm's length raffle tickets.  Also comes in handy for photos when there is no one else available to take one of both of us together.

Crabtree Fall
We were having such a good time neither of us got a great photo of the waterfall but it was 70 feet high and definitely worth the hike.   We have a book of 65 waterfalls in North Carolina that can be reached from hiking so we decided we will see how many of them we can see this year.

Hiking up a steep incline about a mile from the car, we came upon this sweet girl who just watched us till we moved on  up the trail.

When we got home, Broc said he was going to take care of dinner and I didn't object at all.  He went to the store, brought home a lovely wine and all the ingredients to make Bobby Flay's Fish Tacos.  That pretty much topped off a perfect day!  And the lucky part is that this kind of day is the norm and not the exception.  I just happened to get some photos of today and thought I'd share a few with you.


Looks lovely.

We are planning a trip to NH this summer mostly because its been too many years since we have walked to a waterfall!

Just for the record, those arms are about 44 tickets long!
kelli said…
What a sweet post. You put a big smile on my face! Sounds like it was a wonderful day :)
Jeff said…
How did I miss this post and those beautiful pictures? So glad you guys are in our lives :-)
Sandra Dodd said…
Like a packrat, I have linked this from
Faith Void said…
Lovely, simply lovely. Brought a huge smile to my already bright and wonderful day!
Vickie said…
Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. :)

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