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Cute Kids Photo Alert!

I have a new- to- me scanner, cute kid photos and something to say!  Enjoy!

My cousin, Nick, tells a story that I love about how he met his future wife at a party where he knew most everyone except for her.  She was sitting by the pool looking into the water and seemed to be lost in her thoughts.  He went over to her and leaned down and said..."Are you somebody?"  She slowly stood up  and turned around and with her hands on her hips looked right into his eyes and in her strong Australian accent said..."Why, Yes I Am!"   

I think that both of my kids would answer that question in much the same way.
As a young child, I felt that I was different than most other kids. Always called shy, it felt so much more than that.  An invisibility cloak would have made it much easier to breathe. So much of my energy was needed to just get through the day in school and social situations that I never found a lot of reserve to just be a kid. Reading was an acceptable refuge as was going…


I guess most people enjoy summer but I LOVE SUMMER!   In Florida, our summers and winters flowed into each other with not a whole lot of difference.  Here in North Carolina, we have four distinct seasons and after a real winter with snow I am not taking summer for granted any more.

Asheville is surrounded by mountains and lakes and hiking trails and every weekend is packed with Farmer's Markets and Festivals and Art Shows so we are making a valiant effort to get out and enjoy as much as we can.  Yesterday, Broc and I wanted to go hiking and decided that we wanted a Big Hike!  So we hiked to the top of Mount Pisgah.

 It was misty (okay it may have been raining!) when we started out and 60 degrees at the base of the hike.

After our hike, we devoured our picnic food, drove back home on the Blue Ridge Parkway, rested for awhile, went back downtown for "Shindig On The Green" and then stopped by one of our favorite places, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, for liquid truffles a…

Brenna Dee

My girl, Brenna, left for California this morning at some crazy early hour and just called to let me know she had arrived.  Her plans out west include spending time with her boyfriend in Lake Tahoe, working on some writing and speaking projects, staffing at Not Back To School Camp, doing a pottery internship in Corvallis, Oregon, and speaking at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in San Diego in early September. She'll be home for most of October and then will head out to Durango, Colorado to help staff the Unschool Adventures Writing Retreat in November.

Those airport hugs this morning have to last for a long while.

As I was thinking about all her recent adventures, I realized how much has happened with our whole family this past year and decided it was time for some updates on us all. Then, in keeping with my recent desire to both document and celebrate some grown unschoolers lives, I decided to write about some that we know and love. Since I'm already missing this…

A few more things to say...

I've been wrestling with myself for a couple of months about posting here again.  Last time I posted, I seemed to have stepped on some toes that are special toes in my life.  The post was a good one....  was actually a GREAT ONE :)... was meant to celebrate some of the awesome young adult unschoolers in my life.  It came across to a few people as being critical of more traditional paths of learning and parenting and of some specific people that I care about a lot!   That was not my intention at all.  However, I deleted it and have written and deleted a whole bunch of other posts in my head since then. It's been over two months since I've posted here, although I have opened up my blog to write dozens of times. I recently realized that all the unwritten words are completely clogging up my brain because I don't have enough memory or the right editing tools to keep it all straight up there. I have some personal reasons to keep on writing and I'll share some of t…