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I've been wrestling with myself for a couple of months about posting here again.  Last time I posted, I seemed to have stepped on some toes that are special toes in my life.  The post was a good one....  was actually a GREAT ONE :)... and.it was meant to celebrate some of the awesome young adult unschoolers in my life.  It came across to a few people as being critical of more traditional paths of learning and parenting and of some specific people that I care about a lot!   That was not my intention at all.  However, I deleted it and have written and deleted a whole bunch of other posts in my head since then. It's been over two months since I've posted here, although I have opened up my blog to write dozens of times. I recently realized that all the unwritten words are completely clogging up my brain because I don't have enough memory or the right editing tools to keep it all straight up there. I have some personal reasons to keep on writing and I'll share some of those in an upcoming post.

Traditional schooling, homeschooling, going to college and  mainstream parenting are written about to death in magazines, columns, blogs and for the most part are celebrated and given a lot of status simply because that is what most people do.  Unschooling, peaceful parenting and choosing non-traditional paths of learning and working need more exposure and I enjoy sharing how those choices have worked or are working for us.

Here's the deal.  I like to write and if I write about anyone specific, it is usually about my own kids. This blog is about our family with a strong emphasis on celebrating our lives as unschoolers. I could choose to not write any more but sometimes I have things to say that seem to strike a chord with a parent of young children or even with someone who has been unschooling for years.  That is really why I share bits of our lives here and so I'm back to do that for at least a little while longer. At this time in my life, my kids are 18 and 21 and I have some very strong opinions about unschooling, schools, college and a host of other things.   So, you may find some of those opinions expressed here along with the usual photos and reporting about what's up with us.

So that's my disclaimer and now on to more writing with an occasional photo or two thrown in!


Jeff said…
Personally, I'm a big believer in the fact that there are thousands of variables that go into the makeup of every family, and that those variables can and often do differ greatly between any two families. As such, my truth and my belief may be different than yours (although I don't think they are, really.) To that end, I always think it's better to hear someone write about what is meaningful and wonderful in their lives with an open mind and an open heart, and with charity and positive thoughts for an existence of peace, love, and mutual happiness. Hopefully, readers of your words - which I have always known to have meaning and impact - will give thoughtful consideration to your choices and how they have led to you living such a full and love-filled life.
messyfish said…
Everytime I write about something that is not mainstream I get a family member who takes it as a direct insult towards them. I then get an email defending themselves and putting me down. It almost shut me up. But then... It's not about them. It's my blog about me. My voice. So lovely to hear about your experience. Keep writting. Please!
Zenmomma said…
I'm glad you haven't silenced yourself. Hopefully people will read your experiences and beliefs as just that, YOUR experiences and beliefs. If they can take away something positive then great! If they disagree or have a different set of experiences then I hope they'll share them on their own blogs.
Thank you for coming back! I am that "parent of young children"!!
Thank you for using your voice! I have five children, 9, 7, 6, 4, 2. I am FINALLY admitting to myself, Yes, I am an unschooler.

It just seems to work. The whole trust idea is AWESOME! It works.

Thank you and please do keep sharing!

Beachbum said…
I value your voice and your compassion. So glad I get to 'hear' it a bit longer.
Sandra Dodd said…
I'm sorry you're being bullied. Even if people want to deny that it's bullying, if someone whines and you retract a positive, glowing thing you've done, that was a form of shaming and bullying. I don't mind a bit if your relatives are angry with me.

Having been around Gail's children in different time and places, I know for certain that they are really great people in ways they might not have been had they not been brought up the environment and conditions in which they were. I know (not "I think") that there are advantages to unschooling and parenting peacefully. I'm unwilling to deny that knowledge because it makes some parents uncomfortable. Sharing it has made MANY families VERY comfortable (to put it lightly).

Gail, I hope you won't stop sharing what you have learned and seen.
Bea said…
I am one of those parents of young children too. I read the post you deleted and liked it a lot. I love what you write about your kids and your family, and I'm glad you've decided to keep on posting!
Vickie said…
I'm glad you decided to write again. It's amazing that people can take offense just simply by the way you choose to live your life.

@Sandra, Your confidence is inspiring and I always appreciate reading your words.

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