I guess most people enjoy summer but I LOVE SUMMER!   In Florida, our summers and winters flowed into each other with not a whole lot of difference.  Here in North Carolina, we have four distinct seasons and after a real winter with snow I am not taking summer for granted any more.

Asheville is surrounded by mountains and lakes and hiking trails and every weekend is packed with Farmer's Markets and Festivals and Art Shows so we are making a valiant effort to get out and enjoy as much as we can.  Yesterday, Broc and I wanted to go hiking and decided that we wanted a Big Hike!  So we hiked to the top of Mount Pisgah.

 It was misty (okay it may have been raining!) when we started out and 60 degrees at the base of the hike.
I love this guy.

Probably 3/4 mile...resting for just a minute!

Up, Up, Up........It was slippery

Made it to the top! Completely in the clouds so no view this time.  Still worth the hike.
Some gorgeous flowers all along the trail

I did Not climb this rock

After our hike, we devoured our picnic food, drove back home on the Blue Ridge Parkway, rested for awhile, went back downtown for "Shindig On The Green" and then stopped by one of our favorite places, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, for liquid truffles and wine.

This morning, we had coffee at the Clingman Cafe and have enjoyed a quiet Sunday with plans for unschooling friends joining us for Fajitas and Margaritas for dinner.  Lovely weekend all around!


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