BIG Road Trip!

 About a month ago, I decided to drive solo from Asheville, North Carolina (our home) to San Diego for the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference.

Another unschooling mom I know is in the midst of a road trip on Route 66 and she's calling it Tour d' Awesome. I'm loving all her posts on Facebook and on her blog.   I so admire her photography and sense of wonder, adventure and playfulness.  Someone made a cake for her road trip!

 It seems she has a hoola hoop, red boots and a great camera with her!  I have no cake or name for my trip.  Yet.   However, I do have a box of puzzles for the conference raffle, brown AND BLUE hiking shoes and my iPhone camera!  Maybe I'll put a few unschooling bumper stickers on my car just to really live dangerously.

Tiffani (Not Me) with Red Boots 

Raffle Box, Cute Brown and BLUE Hiking Shoes and  iphone  Camera (Not Bringing the Cat)

 You may be saying...why in the world would she be driving across country?  She could probably buy an airline ticket for just the cost of the gas!.  You would be correct.  However, there are a whole slew of reasons why I'm going....I haven't been to visit my cousin who lives there in about 30 years, Brenna is speaking at Good Vibrations and it's also her birthday week,I love San Diego, I love unschooling conferences and some of my favorite people in the whole world will  be there. I do realize that not one of those reasons has anything to do with my driving rather than flying.

 Well, there's more.  I'm not sure exactly what but maybe that will all become clear as I drive 5652 miles across the United States and back.  I'm driving a Mazda (not riding a bicycle cross country) and I may hike up a mountain (but only if it's not raining and there's a safe trail).  I am going to just get in my car and drive for a couple of weeks and see some of the country and some friends and family and watch a couple of sunsets. No real plan except for getting  new tires and AAA just in case I lock my keys in the car or it breaks down in Oklahoma.  I won't be picking up any hitchhikers but I might listen to old Jackson Browne music really loud and maybe even open up the sun roof!

Our family has been on trips all over the country both flying and driving but I haven't been on a road trip (except for that 28 hour trip to take and then pick Brenna up from Not Back to School Camp a few years ago) by myself since Brenna was born and that is almost 22 years!

Broc and the kids have obligations and quite frankly don't want to drive across the country so they will be flying in and we'll all meet up there. Brenna is headed back up to Northern California for a couple of weeks (and then will be Home for a while!),Logan needs to get home so he can drive up to Vermont for Not Back To School Camp, and Broc's vacation will be over and he'll be headed back to work.

  My plan is to simply not have a plan which, if you know me, is pretty damn adventurous!

As you can only imagine, it could be really crazy so be sure and watch for updates and blurry photos as "Gail drives her Mazda on the Interstate all the Way to California".

I'd love to have a better name for my BIG ADVENTURE so please comment here or on Facebook and if I choose your idea, I will personally text you a photo that I take with my phone of a SUNSET somewhere on my journey.  Or maybe a rainbow.  Or a cow.  Just let me know.

It's going to be grand.


ErikaDP said…
Wow! I am so jealous! I wish I had the time to drive across the country solo! I almost got to do it a couple of years ago in a friend's RV but the plan fell through! I will be checking here for your progress, see you in San Diego in a few weeks! Safe Travels!♥
Kirsten said…
You're so inspiring, Gail! I can't wait to see you in San Diego!
Cap'n Franko said…
Road trips are the bomb! See ya there!
Vickie said…
This sounds amazing. Have an awesome trip. Maybe you could call it "Flying By the Seat Of My Car" ;)
Beachbum said…
Just yummy! I look forward to your adventure!
Curtis Miller said…
If you happen to swing through St. Louis, give us a shout and we'll show you around to some uniquely St. Louis food and fun!

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