Good Vibrations Tour

Tomorrow morning, I head out west towards the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in San Diego.  I had planned to leave today and go through Nashville and Memphis but had a little tire mishap yesterday with the car. Four tires and $700 later, the car is ready to go and rather than drive late tonight I decided to hang out with Broc and Logan and leave early in the morning.  It will make for some long driving days but I want to get into Albuquerque as soon as possible so I could see my favorite guy there...ETHAN!!!!!

He's grown up a little since this photo was taken and is now SIX years old and will soon be a big brother.  I can't wait to see him.

 I'll be driving alone but a few days ago, Logan and some friends went dumpster diving and brought home this mannequin from a Dick's Sporting Goods Dumpster.  I thought he might be good company for the trip...So...

 Broc found a head for the guy that I've decided to name "Richard" although with those pink lips he may be due for a mid-route make over.

 Dick is spending the night in the car so we can have an earlier departure.

Stay tuned for updates from the road!  And hope to see some of you at Good Vibrations!


Cap'n Franko said…
See you at GV!

But your car luck spilled down onto us. Our tranny is dying and we need to do something about that before we head to San Dieog, hopefully Saturday. Honda shop says it'll cost a bit over $5K. Ouch!
gay said…
Sounds great, Gail! If you head through southern New Mexico, stop in to see us in Silver City. We'll be here until Sept. 5. Then we'll be gone for a couple of weeks on a camping trip to Colorado. We'll stop in Meeker, Colorado for the sheepdog trials. It's always fun but this year one of my paintings is on the poster so it will be a special one. It would be great to see you if it works out with your travel adventure. Have fun!!

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