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Good Vibrations- The Conference

So, I really drove all the way across the country so I could hang out with these amazing people.  I know that may seem a little crazy but I was really missing Brenna and it was her birthday and it just seemed like the perfect plan.  And it was.

I should have more of a story about the first three photos.  We all met up in the Good Vibrations hotel restaurant for dinner the night before Logan and Broc had to fly home.  Brenna, Logan and Blake posed for a photo for me and then Blake had the idea to replicate a famous photo (but I have no idea which one).  Last shot of us all before we all go our separate ways for a few more weeks.  It's hard work seeing each other these days but definitely worth it.

The Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference was amazing, awesome, glorious, lovely in every way. The conference diva, Flo Gascon, did an amazing job in every way.  I can not even imagine how she managed to make this happen and keep that smile on her face through an major power outage that…

More San Diego.....

Today, my cousins, Andy and Gina, took us for lunch and then sightseeing in San Diego.  We had a lovely lunch at The Fish Market and then drove over to Coronado for dessert and coffee.  Such a beautiful city!

Went for a beach walk and then to La Jolla for more sightseeing....

Yesterday, Broc, Logan and I drove up to Los Angeles to have lunch with my Uncle Jim at his favorite restaurant in Burbank which is the city where I was born.  Uncle Jim and I share a November 7 birthday and I adore him.

We managed to find the Hollywood sign on our way home.

San Diego!

I made it!  2430.3 miles counting the extra miles when I forgot my notebook with EVERYTHING important for the conference and all my banking and life information in a hotel in Tucson.  Luckily I had only driven about 5 miles when I thought about it and quickly turned around to get it.

The entire drive was just stunning...Clouds, and blue skies with two amazing rainstorms.  I imagined that I would listen to music most of the way but mostly listened to an audio book on the way to Albuquerque.  Most of the time I just let the miles roll, feeling grateful for everything I saw.  I don't think I could quite put into words what this journey means to me and really don't think I want to try.  The time for personal reflection while seeing the land and the sky across the country is something I will always treasure.

My reason for driving those long days was to get to Albuquerque quickly so that I would have a day to spend with my Albuquerque family.  My brother, Skip, my niece, Kristle and h…