Good Vibrations- The Conference

So, I really drove all the way across the country so I could hang out with these amazing people.  I know that may seem a little crazy but I was really missing Brenna and it was her birthday and it just seemed like the perfect plan.  And it was.

I should have more of a story about the first three photos.  We all met up in the Good Vibrations hotel restaurant for dinner the night before Logan and Broc had to fly home.  Brenna, Logan and Blake posed for a photo for me and then Blake had the idea to replicate a famous photo (but I have no idea which one).  Last shot of us all before we all go our separate ways for a few more weeks.  It's hard work seeing each other these days but definitely worth it.

The Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference was amazing, awesome, glorious, lovely in every way. The conference diva, Flo Gascon, did an amazing job in every way.  I can not even imagine how she managed to make this happen and keep that smile on her face through an major power outage that included southern California, Arizona and parts of Mexico and the next days sewage spill as a result of the outage which closed all the beaches within 20 miles and caused both the beach party and surfing lessons to be cancelled.

Thursday night with the power outage turned into a flashlight party throughout the hotel and I actually think it created this sense of how very much we all wanted this weekend to be amazing no matter what happened.

I ended up with no photos except those up above because I was simply having too much fun visiting with friends and being with my family as much as I could.  Broc and I had a great time leading a chat about "What you wished you'd have known earlier about unschooling".  Logan was on the young adults panel, Brenna did a talk about becoming a self-educated artist and Broc was on the Dad's panel.  Really was fun having our whole family participate in the conference in such a great location with so many of our old friends while also making some new friends.

My favorite part of the conference (besides being with my own family) was just enjoying all the kids of all ages.  So many happy joyful kids in families that are either fully engaged or learning about unschooling and peaceful parenting.  I head home from San Diego completely filled up with gratitude for this path we discovered, the friends we have made and for the chance to share it all with such amazing people.


Cap'n Franko said…
It was wonderful to see y'all. Hope we meet IRL again soon!
Carrie Hetu said…
Loving reading your blog, the Good Vibrations conference sounds like it was AMAZING!

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