More San Diego.....

Today, my cousins, Andy and Gina, took us for lunch and then sightseeing in San Diego.  We had a lovely lunch at The Fish Market and then drove over to Coronado for dessert and coffee.  Such a beautiful city!

Broc, Andy and I when we all went out for Sushi a few nights ago 

Went for a beach walk and then to La Jolla for more sightseeing....

Sea Lions in La Jolla

Yesterday, Broc, Logan and I drove up to Los Angeles to have lunch with my Uncle Jim at his favorite restaurant in Burbank which is the city where I was born.  Uncle Jim and I share a November 7 birthday and I adore him.

We managed to find the Hollywood sign on our way home.

Tomorrow, we'll head to the conference hotel.  I love the night before an unschooling conference as families are packing or enroute by car or plane or train for a few days of magic.  One more sleep till we pick Brenna and Blake up that airport and I have my hugs all ready.


Cap'n Franko said…
Your circle chat was wonderful. It's been so nice seeing you in person.

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