San Diego!

I made it!  2430.3 miles counting the extra miles when I forgot my notebook with EVERYTHING important for the conference and all my banking and life information in a hotel in Tucson.  Luckily I had only driven about 5 miles when I thought about it and quickly turned around to get it.

The entire drive was just stunning...Clouds, and blue skies with two amazing rainstorms.  I imagined that I would listen to music most of the way but mostly listened to an audio book on the way to Albuquerque.  Most of the time I just let the miles roll, feeling grateful for everything I saw.  I don't think I could quite put into words what this journey means to me and really don't think I want to try.  The time for personal reflection while seeing the land and the sky across the country is something I will always treasure.

New Mexico will always be "home" in my heart and I was so happy to cross that line from Texas into New Mexico even though it was about 109 degrees out there.

My reason for driving those long days was to get to Albuquerque quickly so that I would have a day to spend with my Albuquerque family.  My brother, Skip, my niece, Kristle and her husband Aaron, and their son who is my great-nephew, Ethan.  Ethan is six and I adore him.  As you may be able to tell from the photo above, Ethan will be a big brother in a few months.  

It was simply lovely seeing them all.  They took me out to dinner at a New Mexican restaurant so I could have a Green Chili Rellano.  In fact, I had green chili for breakfast and lunch and plan on having much more on my trip back through in a a couple of weeks.

I feel I need to report on how my friend, Richard, fared on the trip out.  We had a love/hate relationship that was short lived.  I loved him for about 20 miles outside of Asheville when I decided that having him beside me in the passenger seat was seriously creepy.  I tossed him in the back seat where his head fell off and the next day covered him up with a blanket just in case I got stopped.

I had shopped carefully for a cool Erector Set toy for Ethan which he unwrapped when I got to their house and played with for about 10 minutes.  Then I brought "Dick" in and that was the end of the erector set time.

 Ethan loved Dick so much that I left him there and will pick him up on my trip back home.

Papa Skip and Ethan

Yes, I did have one teensy little margarita.  Twice.

My plans after Albuquerque were to drive through Flagstaff and then on to San Diego but late the night before, I checked my blog and to my happy surprise I had a comment from my friend Gay who lives in Silver City, New Mexico.  We were friends years ago when we were both speech therapists in the Austin schools and haven't seen each other since Brenna was a about 20 years.  I sent her an e-mail with my phone number and headed south the next morning hoping to hear from her.  She called on my way and I drove over some crazy mountain roads where she met me and then I followed her out to her lovely country house where she had made lunch and we went for a short hike on the Continental Divide Trail which is out her back door.  It did my heart good to see her and it was like we had just talked yesterday.

After a stop in Tucson,  I drove on into San Diego yesterday and picked up Broc and Logan at the airport where I promptly handed the car keys over and asked them to drive!  We're staying with my cousin, Andy, and his family for a few days before the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference starts.

Thanks for stopping by here and hope you enjoyed my little update.  It's been all Good Vibrations so far.


Jill P said…
I have a feeling you are going to stay south on your return trip. But....if you come through Colorado, it'd be great to see you.
Sandra Dodd said…
Crazy mountain roads to Silver City.... Marty and I made that decision one day. "The Short Cut," it looked like on the map. The next time we went we stayed on I-25 WAY south before we turned toward Silver City.

I like your photos and feel odd that you were just in Albuquerque and I was too. But I'll see you in San Diego. :-)

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