5000 Miles....Headed Home

This is one of my favorite parts of the drive back into Albuquerque and I took these while driving!  After 4000 plus miles, I definitely was getting better at capturing some shots while in motion.

                                 The Sandia Mountains just as I was coming over the hill west of the city.....

Rylan, Ethan and Corey

Just one of the amazing  meals I had with Green Chili.. Huevos Rancheros for breakfast!

Buying Green Chili to take home and seeing if I have room for Ethan too!

 My brother, Skip, played one Sunday afternoon at this Brew Pub.  I couldn't  resist this photo of the Hummingbird drinking beer.

 This is Tessa, Kristle's niece, who spent the afternoon with us and completely won my heart.

 Broc's parents, Terry and Sharon, met up with us in the afternoon for a visit and to listen to some music. Skip even played one of Sharon's favorite songs for her!

                 My brother, Skip and me.  I love listening to him play and enjoyed the whole gorgeous afternoon.

Tessa enjoyed the music just as much as I did

Kristle with her Ice Cream!  Since I've been home she's called to let me know, "It's a Girl!"

One last Sunset before I leave the next morning to head home
I left before dawn the next morning and drove for two and a half days while listening and singing to every bit of music that I brought with me. The entire trip was Fabulous! The time on the road, the time spent with family and friends, the connections with places and people, the new memories that intertwined with the old in such lovely layers. I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see because of schedule conflicts or because in the end it had been three weeks and I just needed to get home.   It's very good to be home but a bit of my heart will always be with the people and places I visited. I'll be back.


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