Occupy October :)

Lots of comings and goings from our home recently.  I love the homecomings most of all but appreciate and celebrate the goings because I know that they involve adventure and learning opportunities. So here's a bit about what's up with both the kids recently....

  Logan traveled up to New Hampshire for Not Back to School Camp in September and drove for the first time instead of flying.  He was accompanied by his girlfriend, Josie, and they camped and also stayed with friends along their route.  Then a couple of weeks ago, he attended the ZTC Camp which was held in downtown Asheville.  Brenna, as well as several friends, also particpated in the weekend event and we happily hosted a couple of the attendees who needed a place to stay before it began.  From my perspective, ZTC Camp was a huge success and both my kids as well as some of the other young adults attending gave it glowing reviews.

Brenna came home towards the end of September after traveling/working/apprenticing out west for about two and a half months. It's been lovely having her home and she has been busy perfecting some of the new pottery techniques she learned during her apprenticeship.  The new pieces are stunning and she has been so excited about the whole process.  She left today for Durango, Colorado where she will be staffing an Unschool Adventures Writing Retreat for a month.    She'll be only 45 miles from the little town where I grew up and close enough for her grandparents to come up and visit with her while she's there.

As the leaves continue to fall and the cooler nights and days settle in, I'm looking forward to our second winter here with warmer clothes and hopefully a higher tolerance for the cold than last year.  We head to ARGH in a few days to hang out with a whole bunch of our unschooling friends and I'm hoping to get some great photos to share here.  Thanks for stopping by!


Sue Patterson said…
So nice to hear what everyone is doing. And I love having a glimpse into your kitchen - warm, loving, and BUSY - just as I expected!
Brenna's pottery looks stunning! I love it.
Hugs to all!!

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