Birthday Moon Light.....

Dinner out with Broc and Logan at  Vinnie's, our neighborhood Italian  restaurant
 It's no secret in my family that I love any reason to have a celebration.  I especially love birthday ones and this last week was mine! Broc had to be out of town for my birthday (and Brenna is at the Writer's Retreat in Colorado) so the three of us went out for dinner on Sunday night.
Logan, Mary, Genie, Josie and Kimi
 On Monday, we met up with friends at Dobra Tea in downtown Asheville for tea and snacks. It's my new favorite place with little rooms with pillows to sit on and and so many teas and goodies to choose from.

Christine, my friend who just moved to Asheville from  Massachusetts!

So many kinds of tea! This place Rocks!

 The moon was rising and the teens all headed home so Genie, Christine and I walked over to dinner at Zambras which is my favorite Asheville Tapas restaurant.......
Moonlight on our way to Zambra's for dinner

Birthday Martini's for  Genie, Christine and Me!  Mine is the one with the Chipotle Chili
 When I arrived home a few hours later, Logan and his friends were making dinner and I was greeted with a sweet birthday sign, birthday doughnuts and a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday!
A Josie Maples Original

Logan brought me a Birthday Doughnut!
                                            Happy Day. Happy Birthday. Happy Me.


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