Every Spring and Fall for a few years,  unschooling families have been gathering in the mountains of Tennessee for the Autodidact Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers which is mostly just known as ARGH.  It's a few days of magic and fun and this fall was no exception.

Early Morning Yoga in one of the cabins

Abbi doing Henna Art on Shelley
Kelly, Christine, Ben and Gail
Ben Lovejoy!

Every night was a party in our cabin.  I love these people.

Logan, Ty and Brady

Ren and Laura

Broc posed with every one of the umpteen groups that came by Trick or Treating in our cabin

The long-haired boys
Cute kids on the trail!

Met this sweet girl out on a walk
Late night conversations

Pickin' and Singing out on the porch

Friendships formed or strengthened, laughter shared, happy unschooling  families joining together for a few days of mountain magic


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