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Gifts Galore

I love the idea of making all my Christmas gifts but the reality is that I usually only manage to make a couple of gifts and bake some goodies to give to local friends even with my best intentions.

Luckily, I just happen to have very creative and talented family and friends. My plan is to do most of my Christmas shopping  from their online shops. I love the idea of supporting  friends in every way we can.  So, I've gathered some of them here for YOU just in case you were looking for unique handcrafted items for those on your shopping lists!

All of the links are from family or friends that I personally know and most are from unschooling families.

Please enjoy browsing and Happy Shopping!   Starting off with some of Brenna's  work....just because it's my very favorite!

** Brenna McBroom's Crystalline Glazed Ceramics are gorgeous and I just happen to have a few pieces here at the house. She does all her own photographs for her Web and Etsy sites but here is one I snapped…

Asheville Halloween

For the past several years, we have spent  Halloween at ARGH ( a gathering of unschooling families) which has been held at cabins in the mountains of Tennessee. Due to some changes in dates and location, this year it fell on the week after Halloween.  So, we decided have a party!

I have always loved Halloween and when the kids were young, I made most of their costumes and our whole family often dressed up.   For this party, it seemed more of the adults dressed up in costume than the younger crowd.  I'm so grateful for friends and family whether in costume or not and so happy for those who could make it to the party.  Here are a few of the photos ~

Hope your Halloween is filled with Fun and Shenanigans and that you are safely in the center of any storm.
I'm thankful for this lovely place I live. This path leads from my house around the lake right by a bird sanctuary and the library.  The leave are in their full fall glory and as usual I took photos which don't begin to do them justice.

 Midway through my walk, I stopped at the library and early voted just like my neighborhood sign recommends.  I voted like my Lady Parts Matter.  Because they do.

Thankful Month

One month from today till Thanksgiving so I'm bringing a few "Thankful Posts" to the blog.

I've had the luxury of some down time after Broc and I were presenters at  the Florida Unschooling Conference, Un In The Sun, a couple of weeks ago.  It was lovely seeing old friends and especially meeting so many families with young children who were unschooling and learning  how to be better peaceful parents to their kids.  I've spent a lot of time since then just being alone and reflecting about my journey through parenting and especially about the love and support I've known every day since Broc came into my life.

Broc loves me and tells me so every single day. He even seems to love all the parts of me that are a bit crazy. I'm not sure what I ever did to deserve someone as sweet and loving and generous and funny as he is.  I wish I could say that I don't ever take him for granted but I do.  He just keeps on loving and caring and making me laugh and for that…

Brenna in Motion

This short video is of Brenna throwing a vase on her pottery wheel.  I've watched it a few times just for her smile about half-way through.

The video should be on her website soon.  It was designed and shot by her friend,  Kwadwo Som-Pimpong, who she met while taking a recent acting class.  His company is SapidMedia.


The Summer "What's Up"

Time for a "What's Up With Us"  Summer Update.  It is the end of summer for most Asheville kids as they start school tomorrow.  However, I tend to hang on to summer for every last bit and I really don't consider summer to be over till October!

Here's a wrap up on the whole gang~

Broc started a new job about 2 weeks ago.  His last company, where he worked since we moved to Asheville two years ago, was bought out. While he still had a job with them, let's just say that the changes were not good ones.  As someone who never burns bridges, he ended up with two job offers! He accepted the one that should allow him to be in his home office more as well being asked to start a new division for a company he knows and likes.   He's been busy playing raquetball with his friend, Phil, and riding his bike as much as possible to keep up with his friend, Ben.  He also found some time to do a bit of his art and has been working on learning some new drawing techniques.

 We …

Asheville Summer

This is our second summer living in Asheville and I'm even more in love than ever.  I've had the opportunity to live in some lovely places....Albuquerque, Austin, San Francisico area, Germany and I've traveled to many more but Asheville has completely stolen my heart.

Have you ever gone on vacation and just loved a place so much that you wished you could live there?   I wake up every day and just feel like I have won the lottery.  Every. Single. Day.  I'm surrounded by mountains and people who I love and I just am so grateful for the combination of desire, determination, risk taking and luck that brought us to this sweet mountain town in Western North Carolina.

We are having so much fun here and there just isn't enough time to do or see all Asheville and its surrounding area has to offer.  However, I thought I'd at least start a photo journal of some of what we Do Do :) beginning with June.  Every season has it's own flavor and rhythm and summer is definit…

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Thank goodness Winter is OVER!  It was a mild one but still, I am flipping happy for Spring!  I've only been home a week from a trip to New Mexico to see my new grandniece and have completely organized the entire house and taken a car load of "stuff" to Goodwill.  Spring Fever, Much?  Broc seems to have a touch of it and  organized his office this weekend.
 A few of our tulips are blooming.  So far not nearly as many as last year and I'm wondering if it's because of the mild winter.  Still, they are lovely and I'm enjoying every moment they are blooming.

Brenna has been planting her own garden at her house and working like crazy in her studio downstairs as well as another part-time job.  I'm lucky enough to enjoy some of her pieces as she builds up her inventory for Spring and Summer shows.

 Both family and friends have been gathering here on a regular basis lately to play Settlers of Catan.  They have progressed to a level that has surpassed my current ab…

Two Dads

I've been looking at photos this past week.  An online video of a dad being unkind to his child was heartbreaking to me.  I found myself searching for positive parenting stories online and ended up looking through a ridiculous number of boxes and albums of my own photos. All the kindness and positive parenting stories I needed were in there.  Every single one.
I am so grateful to know so many families who live with the principles of peaceful parenting.  I happen to be very well acquainted with two dads who exemplify those principles. As I have looked through photos these past few days, I found myself wishing I could share them all here.  Seeing the joy and love and fun in these pictures have taken away any sadness I felt from that disturbing video.
I've chosen not to put the photos in any kind of order because all of them just are lovely images of two dads who love and trust their kids.

Broc and Mark both had a lot of challenges in their parenting journeys.  Both were divorced wh…