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Two Dads

I've been looking at photos this past week.  An online video of a dad being unkind to his child was heartbreaking to me.  I found myself searching for positive parenting stories online and ended up looking through a ridiculous number of boxes and albums of my own photos. All the kindness and positive parenting stories I needed were in there.  Every single one.
I am so grateful to know so many families who live with the principles of peaceful parenting.  I happen to be very well acquainted with two dads who exemplify those principles. As I have looked through photos these past few days, I found myself wishing I could share them all here.  Seeing the joy and love and fun in these pictures have taken away any sadness I felt from that disturbing video.
I've chosen not to put the photos in any kind of order because all of them just are lovely images of two dads who love and trust their kids.

Broc and Mark both had a lot of challenges in their parenting journeys.  Both were divorced wh…

Better Than College

I'm so excited about this upcoming book written by Blake Boles. If you are an unschooling family that is now or will someday consider college or options to college, a young adult looking for alternatives to the expensive college path or someone wanting to expand their ideas of what learning can continue to be as an adult, this will be an excellent resource.

Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four Year Degree provides genuine alternatives to the overpriced college experience.

Blake is currently fund-raising to professionally self-publish this book.  Check out the link above for more information, ways you can help and also pre-order your copy.  Please consider contributing or if you aren't able to and still want to help with getting this message out there,  promoting it through your own blogs or social networking sites.

"Young adults need a genuine alternative to collegeone that provides real-world skills, financial security, and a sense of mean…