Spring, Sprang, Sprung

 Thank goodness Winter is OVER!  It was a mild one but still, I am flipping happy for Spring!  I've only been home a week from a trip to New Mexico to see my new grandniece and have completely organized the entire house and taken a car load of "stuff" to Goodwill.  Spring Fever, Much?  Broc seems to have a touch of it and  organized his office this weekend.
 A few of our tulips are blooming.  So far not nearly as many as last year and I'm wondering if it's because of the mild winter.  Still, they are lovely and I'm enjoying every moment they are blooming.

Brenna has been planting her own garden at her house and working like crazy in her studio downstairs as well as another part-time job.  I'm lucky enough to enjoy some of her pieces as she builds up her inventory for Spring and Summer shows.

 Both family and friends have been gathering here on a regular basis lately to play Settlers of Catan.  They have progressed to a level that has surpassed my current abilities to understand what in the hell they are doing now that they are playing several of the expansion games at the same time.  Makes for some fun evenings all around though!

 Brenna whipping cream for pie while Logan finds and is playing the song "Whip it good"
 A just before Spring photo of me with my great-niece Sofia in New Mexico a little over a week ago.  Nothing like a sweet baby to appreciate the new season and new beginnings.

                                                           Happy Spring to you All!!


Sue said…
I love the picture of your tulips! I had no idea that the lake was RIGHT OFF YOUR BACKYARD! I'm so jealous! It's just beautiful. <3
Cap'n Franko said…
Happy blog carnival, Gail!
aNonyMous said…
Happy spring. Some lovely pictures there.
So glad you joined us for the April carnival, Gail! You're having a busy Spring! Love the pics. Could even hear the Devo music playing while Brenna was whipping the cream; Crack That Whip! :)

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