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The Summer "What's Up"

Time for a "What's Up With Us"  Summer Update.  It is the end of summer for most Asheville kids as they start school tomorrow.  However, I tend to hang on to summer for every last bit and I really don't consider summer to be over till October!

Here's a wrap up on the whole gang~

Broc started a new job about 2 weeks ago.  His last company, where he worked since we moved to Asheville two years ago, was bought out. While he still had a job with them, let's just say that the changes were not good ones.  As someone who never burns bridges, he ended up with two job offers! He accepted the one that should allow him to be in his home office more as well being asked to start a new division for a company he knows and likes.   He's been busy playing raquetball with his friend, Phil, and riding his bike as much as possible to keep up with his friend, Ben.  He also found some time to do a bit of his art and has been working on learning some new drawing techniques.

 We …