The Summer "What's Up"

Time for a "What's Up With Us"  Summer Update.  It is the end of summer for most Asheville kids as they start school tomorrow.  However, I tend to hang on to summer for every last bit and I really don't consider summer to be over till October!

Here's a wrap up on the whole gang~

Broc started a new job about 2 weeks ago.  His last company, where he worked since we moved to Asheville two years ago, was bought out. While he still had a job with them, let's just say that the changes were not good ones.  As someone who never burns bridges, he ended up with two job offers! He accepted the one that should allow him to be in his home office more as well being asked to start a new division for a company he knows and likes.   He's been busy playing raquetball with his friend, Phil, and riding his bike as much as possible to keep up with his friend, Ben.  He also found some time to do a bit of his art and has been working on learning some new drawing techniques.

 We celebrated our Thirteenth anniversary this past week with dinner out at The Grove Park Inn which is just up the road from us.

                 Here's a photo of us and the kids in 1999 on one of my favorite days ever.

Brenna has had a productive summer with her pottery business, Brenna Dee Ceramics. She continues to work most days in her studio and did several successful shows during the summer including LEAF, The Big Crafty, Blowing Rock Art in the Park, Bele Chere and the upcoming LAAFF in a couple of weeks.  In September, she'll be speaking at the Wide Sky Days Unschooling Conference in San Diego before she heads up to the Northeast with her sweetie, Blake Boles, to work at Not Back To School Camp as an advisor  Following NBTSC, she will be in Cape Cod for a month helping to staff the Unschool Adventures Writing Retreat which may still have a couple of openings!  We look forward to having her and Blake back in Asheville by Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Blake (who we all miss while he's out on the West Coast) ~~He had a big summer event with the release of his new book, Better Than College.  Here I am at the book release with the author!

                        And here's one of Blake and Brenna just hanging out at our house

Logan is at the East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp this week working as an advisor.  In addition to working on his music , he has spent most of his waking hours the past few months learning about programming and web design and has created a website called Trapped In a Computer. Logan has inspired me to learn how to do pull-ups with the addition of a bar in his doorway.  I can now do One Pull-up!! 

Logan with his sweetie, Josie, and our dog, Bubbles

Recently, his good friend, Trevor, has visited and is making plans to move to Asheville next week from Pittsburgh. When they get together there is no lack of shenanigans!  Broc is usually right in there with them!

Me ~ As I approach the next decade of my life, I've been making a more conscious effort to take care of myself physically and to be a bit more brave and adventurous.  In the last few months, I've taken an online writing course, explored starting an organizing business, flown on a trapeze, grown a summer garden , taken hoop dance classes and made some new local connections as well as spending time with my friends both near and far.  I spent a few days in Columbia, South Carolina with some good friends at our now annual Girls Gone Wino Event and had the best time!  However, my biggest "thing" of the summer has been a commitment to working out and eating healthier which has included almost eliminating dairy and wheat but not wine!  I'm on week 14 of  doing a combinaton of weights, cardio and yoga six days a week. I've become a groupie at Tattoo Paul's Kick Butt Zumba Class and can once again breathe when I button up my old jeans. Love breathing and don't like shopping for clothes so that worked out all around!

I'm looking  forward to more adventures this fall with Broc and our friends and with the kids when they are around. I am loving watching and occasionally helping as they both journey out into their own lives away from our home. However, I have no problem admitting that I am at my happiest when they are around. I'm more than ever so grateful for the unschooling path we discovered that has allowed such a natural progression to independence while nurturing our strong family connections.

That's a wrap on some of "What We Did This Summer!"  Wishing you many more days of warmth and sunshine and time with your own families. Enjoy the rest of your summertime wherever you may be.


Cap'n Franko said…
Now, that's a good Summer!
Sue said…
Gail, thanks for sharing this with the Unschooling Blog Carnival. I love hearing about what's happening in families as the unschooled kids get older.
And I want to join your Girls Gone Wino! Too bad we didn't all know each other when I lived in Greensboro...of course, that WAS 1990! ha!

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