Asheville Halloween

For the past several years, we have spent  Halloween at ARGH ( a gathering of unschooling families) which has been held at cabins in the mountains of Tennessee. Due to some changes in dates and location, this year it fell on the week after Halloween.  So, we decided have a party!

I have always loved Halloween and when the kids were young, I made most of their costumes and our whole family often dressed up.   For this party, it seemed more of the adults dressed up in costume than the younger crowd.  I'm so grateful for friends and family whether in costume or not and so happy for those who could make it to the party.  Here are a few of the photos ~

Ben and Kelly Lovejoy

Christine Yablonski and Phil Biegler
Kimi Biegler and Duncan Lovejoy

Shaun Biegler and Mark Maples

Sadie Bowman and Trinity Dixon

Laura Bowman and Trevor Parker

Ben Lovejoy, Kimi Biegler and Alice Wechgelaer

Duncan Lovejoy and Kimi Biegler

Josie Maples and Kimi

Broc and me as Replacement Refs with our Wide Retriever, Bubbles.

Hope your Halloween is filled with Fun and Shenanigans and that you are safely in the center of any storm.


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