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Gifts Galore

I love the idea of making all my Christmas gifts but the reality is that I usually only manage to make a couple of gifts and bake some goodies to give to local friends even with my best intentions.

Luckily, I just happen to have very creative and talented family and friends. My plan is to do most of my Christmas shopping  from their online shops. I love the idea of supporting  friends in every way we can.  So, I've gathered some of them here for YOU just in case you were looking for unique handcrafted items for those on your shopping lists!

All of the links are from family or friends that I personally know and most are from unschooling families.

Please enjoy browsing and Happy Shopping!   Starting off with some of Brenna's  work....just because it's my very favorite!

** Brenna McBroom's Crystalline Glazed Ceramics are gorgeous and I just happen to have a few pieces here at the house. She does all her own photographs for her Web and Etsy sites but here is one I snapped…