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I love the idea of making all my Christmas gifts but the reality is that I usually only manage to make a couple of gifts and bake some goodies to give to local friends even with my best intentions.

Luckily, I just happen to have very creative and talented family and friends. My plan is to do most of my Christmas shopping  from their online shops. I love the idea of supporting  friends in every way we can.  So, I've gathered some of them here for YOU just in case you were looking for unique handcrafted items for those on your shopping lists!

All of the links are from family or friends that I personally know and most are from unschooling families.

Please enjoy browsing and Happy Shopping!   Starting off with some of Brenna's  work....just because it's my very favorite!

** Brenna McBroom's Crystalline Glazed Ceramics are gorgeous and I just happen to have a few pieces here at the house. She does all her own photographs for her Web and Etsy sites but here is one I snapped of some of the pieces I'm lucky enough to enjoy every day!  She also has Bread Pots and Canister Sets that are awesome. Brenna also has a website with more information about how she makes her Crystalline-Glazed Porcelain Ware.

Note Cute Kids on the 3rd shelf up!

Here are more of my favorites!

**Tami Chacon makes some gorgeous journals. From Florida, she homeschooled her two girls who are now both young adults and she also happens to be my amazing and talented sister!  I'm thrilled to have some of her creative art in my house and especially love the journal that she made for me.

**Jacob Ohman has a collection of his Folkish Prints at this shop.  I have long admired his work and have one of his prints in mind to buy as soon it is listed.  Jacob lives in New York and is a young adult unschooler that we have known for many years.  Not only do I love his drawings but also his intricate stories and poems.His Etsy site also has a link to more of his work.

**Roya Dedeaux   I simply adore Roya's handmade creations. Another long time unschooler, Roya lives in Southern California and has been a presenter at many unschooling conferences. I have some of her earrings that I bought at the Wide Sky Days Unschooling Conference. Additional earrings are also listed here.  She will also do custom work for you in colors you prefer.

**Mary Gold is an unschooling mom from Corvallis, Orgeon who is the Conference Queen of the Life is Good Unschooling Conference.  I am lucky enough to have several pieces of her zen- inspired handcrafted jewelry. I especially love her necklaces and you will often see me wearing one of them.

**Julie Persons is from Maine and also an unschooling mom.  She actually has 3 Etsy Sites that I'd like to mention.   The first two are from photos she has taken of her baby chicks and gerbils wearing handcrafted hats and are just the cutest things EVER!  She also has an Etsy site with Adventures of Claudia that is so clever and I most often find myself laughing over Claudia's observations of the world.

**Ginger Sabo has a unique line of whimsical accessories that are also handmade with love.  She lives in sunny San Diego with her unschooling family and I bought one of her sweet necklaces for Brenna a while back. She also does custom made work so just let her know if you want something special.

Necklace by Ginger~  Cuteness by Brenna

**Jenni Feingold is an unschooling mom that I actually haven't met yet although we have tried!  She lives in Miami and two of her kids stayed with us this past summer on their way to the East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp.  She sells her own handcrafted soaps, herbal teas, healing salves and  body scrubs at  Lana Bella.  I've heard they are lovely and plan on buying some for Christmas gifts.

**Lexi Rosario is one of the "kids" who stayed with us on her way to ETUSC.  She is an unschooled teen who lives in Miami and makes such sweet hand-embroidered notebooks.  I bought one that had a multi-colored peacock feather on it and have enjoyed it so much.

**Heather Burditt make the most awesome Chain Maille Jewelry.  I have some of her earrings in black and silver and wear them often.  She lives on an island in Washington and is an unschooling mom to three boys.  She'll custom make jewelry for you at your request.

**Robyn Coburn makes art dolls and paper crafts as well as being a writer.  She also has been a presenter at several unschooling conferences. A previous costume, set and lighting designer, she lives in California and is an unschooling mom to a young daughter. Her art dolls are just gorgeous.

**Rue Kream has an Etsy site with  a variety of sterling jewelry and needle-felted items, homemade goodies, and the occasional vintage find.  Rue lives in the Boston area and is author of one of my favorite unschooling books, Parenting a Free Child.  I am the proud owner of one of Rue's felted bowls that I absolutely love as well as some felted jewelry.

Felted bowl by Rue Kream

**De Smith and her husband Dave create and sell their art from Ohio where they unschool their two boys. They specialize in Steampunk items.

**Cris Robin hails from Rhode Island and I love her hand crafted one-of-a-kind garments.  She describes her work at Mudpies Couture  as ~Playful Raiment for Spirited Humans.

George Downing at Dismal Ax is husband to Meredith Novak who is a fabulous unschooling voice on both online groups and at conferences.  He custom builds guitars from locally harvested and salvaged materials in Tennessee. We have been lucky enough to see both George and Meredith at many ARGH gatherings the past few years.

Dagny Dream is actually closing this shop, MonstrousMonsters, in January.  She does have a few of her items still available at 40% off.

Ellie Burton is an unschooler who will be using money from her Etsy sales to help fund her trip to New Zealand with Unschool Adventures in 2013. In her shop, you will find one-of-a-kind custom framed photographs, stretched canvas, and prints.

So excited to have all these now in one spot so I can do some shopping!  Perhaps you'll find something you like here too!!   Enjoy!


What a lovely surprise to find! Thank you, Gail for including us on such an Awesome list!

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