Hello 2013!!!

I love the New Year~  Ahhhhh, the possibilities for fresh starts and new goals and better eating and I couldn't even park my car at the gym this morning because of all the Resolution people that joined today!

I went to bed about 10 minutes before 2013 arrived because I was tired and I didn't make even one resolution.  I'm happy with me and my life and I don't really feel a need for many changes.  I do have a running list of goals and projects and I'm so excited about upcoming adventures and learning more every day. It seems to be an unexpected side benefit of all those years of unschooling the kids.

Speaking of new things to learn, Broc gave me a Rebel T3i for Christmas and I feel like such a grown-up with a REAL camera. I'm busy learning all I can about it and loving it!  Watch for better photos and maybe more blogposts as I progress.

In the creative mode, I'm  writing down some of the cool things that happen this year and putting them in a container to read next New Year's Eve.  It's so easy to forget the little moments or sweet things people say or memorable meals or creative projects as the days race by.  Here's a photo of a container I made with the paper and pens beside it to record some of the memories as the year goes on.

Sweet Little Old Book Birdhouse
Wishing you all a Fabulous Year and the making of lovely memories ~


Gay said…
What a good idea, Gail! I'll have to try that, too.

We're just back from Austin - always think of you.

Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!

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