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Happy Leap Day!

Today was a gorgeous day in Asheville.   Broc moved our bluebird house a bit closer  and this couple was here off and on all day checking it out. It's a sure sign that Spring is on its way.

It's been a while since I've reported on our doings.  First up........Brenna.

She's 26 now and living in Asheville about 10 minutes from us with a group of friends.  They share a community house which is a great situation both financially as well as socially.  Many of her housemates are very active in community activism and one of her best friends from unschooling circles lives there also.

Her pottery business continues to expand as she adds more designs to her crystalline line of ceramics. This past year she was selected to join the prestigious Southern Highlands Craft Guild and is now able to participate in their twice yearly art shows.  In addition, she is very active in art shows in both this area and Atlanta.  Her work is in several local shops and her Etsy store does a brisk b…

Big Love

Thoughts about peaceful partnerships, family, love and kindness.

Twenty-some years ago, my mother-in-law and I were having a conversation and one of the things she said to me was "Family is everything."   I nodded and smiled and agreed.  I did believe family was important and was lucky enough to be part of a loving and slightly quirky family.  However, I was still in my self-absorbed busy with two young children stage of life and didn't have much perspective about the depth of her words.  I didn't realize that soon life was going to  "smack me upside the head" and in doing so would help me learn the importance of family.
Not long after our talk, my relationship with my husband, Mark, started to unravel.  Even with everything we tried, we couldn't find a way to stay together.  We separated and the following summer were divorced after sharing almost twenty years together.
During the ne…

More to Say

Winter and especially February is my nemesis. This year, I tried light therapy, more walking and running, eating healthier, drinking more water, turmeric, socializing more, playing the piano, learning Spanish and still February has kicked my ass.  However, the month is waning and I can see a few daffodils peeking through.  I just caught my first glimpse of a red-winged blackbird.

 Seasonal depression is challenging yet I try and remember that by April the worst is over. This year, I'm hoping it is March.

I'm being kind to myself and doing small things.   Today, I've had tea and played the piano. I've done some writing and dressed in workout clothes to encourage myself to go the gym. I talked with Brenna as she came in on her way to her studio.  I can always count on her for some lively discussion and laughter.  Today, it was a bit about the upcoming election and the Republican Debate.  I find that I need to laugh about that or I will cry.

 These past few years since I…

Visiting Hummingbird Haven

It's been three years since I've written here at Hummingbird Haven. While considering making a book of some of my favorite posts over the years, I discovered I had no idea how to access it  Many frustrating hours later, I'm in and I've changed a few things. Now I'm wondering if I should call it a wrap and move on or stick around awhile and make some additions. It is a cozy place.

I've taken a break not only from writing on this blog these past years but writing in general. No journaling. No letter writing to friends. I communicate mostly through short messages like texts, personal messages on Facebook and the occasional e-mail.

I've missed writing. The kids are grown but our unschooling lives are still a big part of our relationships and our engagement with the world. My outlook on life is definitely still through a lens of a lifestyle built on principles and learning all the time.

I've considered starting a new blog but I like this one. It's a pho…