Happy Leap Day!

Today was a gorgeous day in Asheville.   Broc moved our bluebird house a bit closer  and this couple was here off and on all day checking it out. It's a sure sign that Spring is on its way.

It's been a while since I've reported on our doings.  First up........Brenna.

She's 26 now and living in Asheville about 10 minutes from us with a group of friends.  They share a community house which is a great situation both financially as well as socially.  Many of her housemates are very active in community activism and one of her best friends from unschooling circles lives there also.

Her pottery business continues to expand as she adds more designs to her crystalline line of ceramics. This past year she was selected to join the prestigious Southern Highlands Craft Guild and is now able to participate in their twice yearly art shows.  In addition, she is very active in art shows in both this area and Atlanta.  Her work is in several local shops and her Etsy store does a brisk business as well.   My new favorites are the lamps that are available in several colors.

Last winter, she spent a couple of months in Buenos Aires and I was able to join her for a short time while she was there.  She studied both Spanish and Tango and we both enjoyed the warm weather there when it was winter in Asheville.  When she's not doing shows, you'll find her working most days in her studio with occasional breaks for swimming, hiking, dancing, baking and hanging out with family and friends.

She has continued to be involved with the unschooling community by being an advisor every Fall at Not Back To School Camp in Vermont.

NBTSC - Vermont - 2015

It is such a joy for us to have her living so close and to see her often. To see more of her work and read about her journey to become a ceramic artist check out her website.


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