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Winter and especially February is my nemesis. This year, I tried light therapy, more walking and running, eating healthier, drinking more water, turmeric, socializing more, playing the piano, learning Spanish and still February has kicked my ass.  However, the month is waning and I can see a few daffodils peeking through.  I just caught my first glimpse of a red-winged blackbird.

 Seasonal depression is challenging yet I try and remember that by April the worst is over. This year, I'm hoping it is March.

I'm being kind to myself and doing small things.   Today, I've had tea and played the piano. I've done some writing and dressed in workout clothes to encourage myself to go the gym. I talked with Brenna as she came in on her way to her studio.  I can always count on her for some lively discussion and laughter.  Today, it was a bit about the upcoming election and the Republican Debate.  I find that I need to laugh about that or I will cry.

 These past few years since I've written have brought me to a new chapter of my life.  My kids are truly all grown up.  We don't go to conferences anymore although many of the friends that we made during those years are still the people we spend time with.  As a mom to two twenty-something year old kids living in Asheville, I am still involved in their lives and try to feed them occasionally or just listen and encourage when I can.

My perspective continues to be through the lens of a family that chose a nontraditional route to both learning and parenting.  Our relationships and lifestyle reflect that.

So, I'm going to write here again.  I do have some things to say.  Maybe sharing them will be  encouraging or at least entertaining.

 Feel free to comment anytime or let me know what you'd like to hear about.  Thanks for stopping by!


Karen Jo Fields said…
How about snow? Because in our winter and dark months the snow lights up February. When the sky is blue it makes the night sky very clear and the moon and stars are really beautiful. And then there's skiing.. And hot chocolate. Its permitted to be all cosy, fireplace, wool up from top to bottom and just stay inside and read. Such things that summer here just wont allow the same way because its so brief. Its spring that gets me. But exercise is key to any depression. And good food shared.
How about unschooling in Europe? Why is it not a movement here? Or is it? Can you tell me?
Love Karen
gail said…
I agree about the exercise, Karen. It is the one thing that does help. I love how you talk about the cozy things and I'm trying to embrace those ideas. I know there are some countries in Europe where it is easier to homeschool. Unschooling is just a way of homeschooling. I did find this link for you about Norway Much love to you and your family. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Gail

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