Visiting Hummingbird Haven

It's been three years since I've written here at Hummingbird Haven. While considering making a book of some of my favorite posts over the years, I discovered I had no idea how to access it  Many frustrating hours later, I'm in and I've changed a few things. Now I'm wondering if I should call it a wrap and move on or stick around awhile and make some additions. It is a cozy place.

I've taken a break not only from writing on this blog these past years but writing in general. No journaling. No letter writing to friends. I communicate mostly through short messages like texts, personal messages on Facebook and the occasional e-mail.

I've missed writing. The kids are grown but our unschooling lives are still a big part of our relationships and our engagement with the world. My outlook on life is definitely still through a lens of a lifestyle built on principles and learning all the time.

I've considered starting a new blog but I like this one. It's a photo album and scrapbook and journal of some memorable and happy years when the kids were growing up. I've never been one to tear down a house or even build a new one. Usually, I just make some revisions and maybe add on a room or two.

So, maybe I'll write again here. Trying it out for a few days to see if it still feels like home. I'm thinking of it as a visit for now. Perhaps I'll move back in.


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