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Agreement versus Arrangement

In friendships, business, partnerships and parenting, I prefer the word and concept of agreement rather than arrangement.

Arrangement can easily be accomplished by one person.  I arranged the furniture.  I arranged the meeting. I arranged this event.  It can involve two or more people working together to accomplish something but that often doesn't work well without the important component of agreement.

Agreement is the kinder path.  Agreement is the better choice for relationships.  If you've followed my blog at all, you may already know that I believe relationships trump everything.

Agreement is two or more people having equal say and coming to a mutual decision that works for the benefit of all involved. It involves compromise.  It involves being open to hearing and honoring others ideas and sometimes limitations. It involves not just listening but truly hearing what the other person is saying. It involves taking that information and working together for an outcome that hono…

Family Update Two

Husband and Dad extraordinaire, Broc, is working hard as he always has since the day I met him.  His regular job over the years has been filled with long hours and a lot of travel.  That has shifted recently to longer hours but thankfully less travel.

In the early fall, he started working for another division within his company. Instead of a home office with travel all over the southeast United States, he now has an office in Greenville, South Carolina which is about 1 1/2 hours from our home.  It's a bit too far to commute on a daily basis so he is in Greenville during the week now and home on the weekends.  We are both adjusting to the change and the verdict is still out on how it will work for the long term.  I miss him but we definitely don't want to move from Asheville.
He loved having both his boys visit us this past year.  In the summer,, Tyler and his fiance, Lauren, were here before they left for their adventures in China.  Then in December, I surprised Broc for his b…