Family Update Two

Husband and Dad extraordinaire, Broc, is working hard as he always has since the day I met him.  His regular job over the years has been filled with long hours and a lot of travel.  That has shifted recently to longer hours but thankfully less travel.

In the Fall out at Far Flung Faarm

In the early fall, he started working for another division within his company. Instead of a home office with travel all over the southeast United States, he now has an office in Greenville, South Carolina which is about 1 1/2 hours from our home.  It's a bit too far to commute on a daily basis so he is in Greenville during the week now and home on the weekends.  We are both adjusting to the change and the verdict is still out on how it will work for the long term.  I miss him but we definitely don't want to move from Asheville.

He loved having both his boys visit us this past year.  In the summer,, Tyler and his fiance, Lauren, were here before they left for their adventures in China.  Then in December, I surprised Broc for his birthday by flying in his son, Drew.  Talk about a happy Dad!  Nothing brings him as much joy as spending time with the kids even now that they are all grown.

Broc works in the commercial construction industry and enjoys and is very good at what he does at his "normal" job.  However, at heart he is both an inventor and an artist.

As I write this, he is building a prototype of a recent invention.  I won't even attempt to explain it but it's very cool and amazing.  Even after all these years, he continues to astound me with his imagination and vision for creating things.

During our early unschooling years when the kids were young, he was often found helping to build worm farms, potato guns (I know...yikes!!), and a bit later on a raku kiln with Brenna that almost ended in a disaster.  Always ready for fun and adventure, this continues to be the way he lives his life and pursues his dreams.

His newest passion is in the realm of art.  He is a talented artist just like his Mom and in the last couple of years has been involved with the Body Art Guild that is based out of Eastern Tennessee. Our friend, Ren Allen, has successfully brought this art form to the area.  I have spent countless evenings being his model as he works on his latest design or practices a new technique.

Ren Allen at the recent Body Art Show in Tennessee

Broc recently was one of thirteen artists at the Tennessee Living Art competition.  After weeks of design preparation and practice, he and his assistant (and step- daughter, Brenna) painted on a live model all day long!

Poster advertising the event-   Brenna, is the model on the right and was painted by Ren Allen.
 The entire event was so professional and the five time world body painting champions, Scott Frey and Madeline Greco were there.

 Broc's design as a first time body painter with the theme Human Odyssey was exceptional.

With Spring approaching  I imagine he will have many more projects in mind so look for photos and updates as they progress.   As partner to his shenanigans, I can't wait to see what they will be.


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