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Love is All You Need

My last post was about weddings and what not to do.  This one is about some of the things that do make for a happy wedding.  Hummingbird Haven wasn't born when this wedding took place so I've gathered a few photos to share about the loveliest wedding I've ever attended.

        Kristle and Aaron invite you to attend their wedding.........

We were all so thrilled to go to New Mexico for my niece's wedding several years ago.  Kristle had brought her fiance, Aaron, out to Florida to meet us all and we planned for months in advance how we would all make it to their wedding.  Our group flew in from Florida while other family came from California and all over the southwest.

We were all invited to the lovely rehearsal dinner which was held at a restaurant not far from the wedding site with a rooftop view of the Sandia Mountains. It was in late May so the weather and the blue New Mexico skies were just perfect.

The wedding and reception were held at a lovely venue just outside…

Life is Wobbly

I'm writing more these days.  Writing has been my "go to" since I was very young.  Diaries, journals, letters, contests, and in the past few years, my blog.

I first majored in journalism in college but quickly discovered that it wasn't so much about writing as it was about getting the story.  That involved talking to people.  So I didn't write much for a very long time and ended up with a career as a Speech Pathologist.  Helping other people to talk.  A better fit.  However, I missed writing so I'm back at it.

 I've tried my hand at fiction and non-fiction. I've not submitted anything for publication in years but I have some things in process.  This little piece is different than my usual but I'm putting it out there.  It's more for me than for anyone else.  Sometimes, just speaking up is important even if you have no idea if anyone is listening.

 " Life is wobbly," said my yoga instructor today as he encouraged us to be…

The Sock Fireplace Story Again

I wrote this post back in 2008!  I recently was searching for this photo in my albums and couldn't find it so I'm bringing the whole post here again.  Happy Times.  So Many Socks.  These kiddos are all grown up now but I love them all and remember all those fun summers together.

Photo from 2004 of Broc and me and all FIVE of the kids and SocksOver on the Always Unschooled yahoo list, there has been some discussion of socks. I haven't read the whole thread but it seems to be about a parent complaining about lost socks or perhaps dirty socks that they have to take care of and Schuyler responded with this:

I honestly will have a hard time keeping him in clean socks if I don't have some cooperation from him.-----------------"What does that mean? It's summer, right? It isn't much of a season for socks,clean or otherwise. Go buy tons of socks, find them on sale, don't worry about quality, get quantity. Put them near the washi…