Love is All You Need

My last post was about weddings and what not to do.  This one is about some of the things that do make for a happy wedding.  Hummingbird Haven wasn't born when this wedding took place so I've gathered a few photos to share about the loveliest wedding I've ever attended.

        Kristle and Aaron invite you to attend their wedding.........

We were all so thrilled to go to New Mexico for my niece's wedding several years ago.  Kristle had brought her fiance, Aaron, out to Florida to meet us all and we planned for months in advance how we would all make it to their wedding.  Our group flew in from Florida while other family came from California and all over the southwest.

We were all invited to the lovely rehearsal dinner which was held at a restaurant not far from the wedding site with a rooftop view of the Sandia Mountains. It was in late May so the weather and the blue New Mexico skies were just perfect.

Cousins, Chelsea and Brenna, with the Sandias in the background

Broc hugging Kristle

Dad and Daughter

The wedding and reception were held at a lovely venue just outside of Albuquerque.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends galore were there to join in the ceremony and festivities. My sweet niece, Cailin, was the flower girl.

Both of Kristle's Dads walked her down the aisle.  They were a little nervous but were all smiles a bit later on at the reception. Kristle's parents divorced when she was quite young and she grew up with her step-dad, Clint, while visiting her dad, Skip, during the summer.  Both were so honored to be part of their daughter's wedding day.

Kristle and her Dad sharing the first dance

This is the kind of family I'm lucky enough to be a part of.  It's the kind of family that has grown and  been strengthened through the years  even if sometimes marriages within the family didn't work out. We sometimes joke that you are not allowed to leave our family.  Truth is that life is too short for pettiness and I think we decided long ago to just keep on loving each other.  I give my Mom all the credit for helping us learn that life lesson.

All the parents with the Bride and Groom

Dad and Step-Dad all smiles

Weddings are not just about the bride and groom.  Entire families and many friends gather together to celebrate love and commitment and family.

 In the end, it doesn't matter how fancy the food or the dress or the colors or the photos.

 What matters is how it makes people feel.

 What matters is the kindness and love.

Grandma (my mom) and Kristle
I remember this wedding like it was yesterday and I still smile every time I hear one of the songs that was played. Skip played guitar with the band for part of the reception. Kristle and Aaron made a CD with many of the songs to share with guests which made for a lovely remembrance.

 I especially  remember the hugs and smiles and dancing and the pure joy of being part of it all.

My cousin, Wendy, and I at the reception

Kristle and Aaron are now parents to two amazing kids who are 11 and 4.  It continues to be such a joy to share in the milestones of their lives and to be part of this big crazy family.  We're lucky enough these days to have Skype and Facebook to stay in touch with messages and photos and face to face contact even though we live far apart.

Kristle sent me a few of the photos I've shared here.  Sofia, her four year old,  was so excited after seeing her Mom going through the wedding photos that she got all dressed up in one of her favorite outfits.

Sofia with the Biggest Bouquet!

So here's a toast to weddings and families caring for each other.  To celebrating and being part of it all. To children growing up surrounded by it all.  Here's to Love.  Here's to Kindness.  Here's to having  photos to help you remember some of these special times.  Much love to all my family and special hugs to my New Mexico clan for including us in your life celebrations.



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