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Two Views

Hooray for Spring!   As fans of fair weather hiking, Broc and I have been lucky enough in the last month to hit up some gorgeous trails with very contrasting scenery.

In late April, we were in Texas and hiked at Enchanted Rock which is close to Fredericksburg.  Then, in early May, we headed out intending to hike Table Rock in North Carolina and somehow ended up at Linville Falls.  After both hikes, we said, "This was the best hike ever!"  That's always a sign of a good hiking day."

My last few posts have been heavy on the writing and not very uplifting. This one is all about the images.

 We are so happy to be back in Asheville but our hike to Enchanted Rock was definitely the highlight of our Texas trip.  Here's a whole bunch of photos of our amazing day there.

We hiked for hours and in addition to the great trails and beautiful wide open scenery, we also saw a roadrunner, a very long snake that I almost stepped on and an animal that looked like black squirrel.

Legacy Hideaway

We were in Texas, Y'all!  Yes, we were.

In spite of some bumps while we were there, we were so lucky to spend time with people we love, stay at an amazing vacation home and enjoy an enchanted hike on a warm sunny day.

A little history.  I lived in Austin for 14 years and loved it so much.  Both my kids, Brenna and Logan, were born there but this was my first time to stay in the Hill Country.  We were there at such a beautiful time of year.

I've known my sweet friend, Anita, since we started a playgroup when our grown up kids were toddlers. She recently made a dream come true and bought a gorgeous piece of property not far from Fredericksburg, Texas. She's been remodeling the lovely ranch home as a vacation rental and getaway retreat for her own family called Legacy Hideaway. She graciously offered it for Broc and I to have our own much needed Texas mini-vacation.

The interior is gorgeous and I can't believe I didn't take any photos! When she goes live on her webs…

All Are Welcome Here

I removed this post for a while.  In adding it back I chose to edit it but kept the essence because I think it has some important tips for unschooling families.  It's my perspective as is all of this blog .I've let go of the hurt for my own peace of mind.  For Broc's sake, I still hope that his daughter will share with him what in the world this was all about to bring him some peace and perhaps one day offer him an apology. He certainly is worthy of so much more but that would at least help him see that he has a bit of love and respect.   As for me, I won't silent over injustices or unkindness ever again. None of us have that kind of time.


This is a difficult post to write.  I'm sharing it for two reasons.  First, I have been honest at Hummingbird Haven about not only our adventures and unschooling lives but about our ups and downs with a blended family.  We have worked so hard to be inclusive but this story is about something that d…