Legacy Hideaway

We were in Texas, Y'all!  Yes, we were.

In spite of some bumps while we were there, we were so lucky to spend time with people we love, stay at an amazing vacation home and enjoy an enchanted hike on a warm sunny day.

A little history.  I lived in Austin for 14 years and loved it so much.  Both my kids, Brenna and Logan, were born there but this was my first time to stay in the Hill Country.  We were there at such a beautiful time of year.

I've known my sweet friend, Anita, since we started a playgroup when our grown up kids were toddlers. She recently made a dream come true and bought a gorgeous piece of property not far from Fredericksburg, Texas. She's been remodeling the lovely ranch home as a vacation rental and getaway retreat for her own family called Legacy Hideaway. She graciously offered it for Broc and I to have our own much needed Texas mini-vacation.

The interior is gorgeous and I can't believe I didn't take any photos! When she goes live on her website I'll stop in here and add a link..

It was so quiet and secluded that we could have been on a island. We spent a bit of time exploring Fredericksburg but mostly just enjoyed sitting outside watching all the wildlife and walking throughout the property.  It is a bird watchers paradise!

While I've seen numerous Hummingbirds and Towhees in North Carolina, this was my first time seeing a Painted Bunting.  I was like a kid at Christmas!

Very early one morning, I walked out to watch the sunrise and was greeted by deer playing in the front field and a wild turkey.

Our time at Legacy Hideway was so peaceful, and memorable. It is truly a magical destination in itself and also so close to fabulous hiking, biking, wine tastings and the lovely town of Fredericksburg with all its treasures in food, shopping and music.

If you happen to be in Texas anywhere close to Austin, take a little drive out that way.  You'll be so happy you did. And if you do as much hiking as we did, you might return feeling as relaxed as this little guy.

                                                           Thanks for stopping by!


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