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Hooray for Spring!   As fans of fair weather hiking, Broc and I have been lucky enough in the last month to hit up some gorgeous trails with very contrasting scenery.

In late April, we were in Texas and hiked at Enchanted Rock which is close to Fredericksburg.  Then, in early May, we headed out intending to hike Table Rock in North Carolina and somehow ended up at Linville Falls.  After both hikes, we said, "This was the best hike ever!"  That's always a sign of a good hiking day."

My last few posts have been heavy on the writing and not very uplifting. This one is all about the images.

 We are so happy to be back in Asheville but our hike to Enchanted Rock was definitely the highlight of our Texas trip.  Here's a whole bunch of photos of our amazing day there.

Happy Feet in Texas

That little speck is Broc!

View from the top.

The wildflowers and blooming cacti  were everywhere

Broc's hand is completely submerged in the clear water

Wildflower heaven

We hiked for hours and in addition to the great trails and beautiful wide open scenery, we also saw a roadrunner, a very long snake that I almost stepped on and an animal that looked like black squirrel.

                        Only a couple of hours from Austin, this is definitely a hike worth taking.

The next weekend after we returned to North Carolina, we decided to hike out at Table Rock because it has some amazing views.  Not sure where we went wrong, but we ended up close to Linville Falls.  This is the location where scenes from the movie, "The Last of the Mohicans" was filmed.  Just stunning.  We hit up every trail out there and some of the last ones were a bit challenging.  Here's a few of our favorites shots.

           To give some perspective, we hiked to that waterfall from this spot this photo was taken.

Long before I sprained my ankle!

On our way down to the waterfall

                                       Texas may be big and it certainly has its beauty.

                                However, our hearts and feet definitely belong in Sweet Carolina.


Pam Genant said…
Table Rock/Linville is out here near us, we love it up that way. So many wonderful waterfalls and views! Glad you had a great hike, love the pics.
Lauren Ferguson said…
Beautiful photography (as you usually have!)

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