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I've been quiet about what's going on with me lately.  Sharing a bit of it today.

.The past few months, I've gone through a difficult episode of depression. Previously, I had several years with Seasonal Affective Disorder that began when we moved to Asheville six years ago.

 The worst time of year for me is January through March. This year, I was ready to tackle it again with light therapy, exercise, even travel to a warmer sunnier place if needed. SAD kicked in just about the same time as some unfortunate extended family drama occurred and the depression that hit me was unlike any I've experienced before.

Until recently, I haven't felt on solid enough ground to share this with anyone but close family and friends. Speaking out about depression is difficult.  It's easier when it's a physical health issue like a broken leg.  There is still so much stigma to acknowledging and dealing with mental health.   I share in the hope it may help othe…