First crocus of the year.  A reminder of the changes of each season and the beauty in each.

 I shared this story over on my Facebook wall last week on the actual date of our" 20 years since Broc (With no K) tracked me down".  I wanted to bring some photos from over the years here in case I ever turn this blog into a memory book.  It seems crazy that it's been twenty years because although we don't act like we've aged a bit, we now have five kids in their twenties!


March 25, 2017

A mushy long love story ~<3it span="">
Twenty years ago right about now I was at my desk at a little rental house In Orange Park, Florida. Brenna and Logan were 4 and 7 years old and already asleep for the night and I was working on an evaluation for work that was due the next morning. A message came acoss my computer (maybe the old AOL messaging?) and it said " Hi...This is Broc . Do you remember me?" I did remember him from when we had met briefly when we both lived in Austin. And Broc without a "k"....there aren't many of those.

This was my actual work at home computer set-up and where I was the night Broc messaged me. He asked me for a photo a few weeks later and this is the one I sent.  Two years with a mostly long distance relationship meant a whole lot of photos and e-mails were exchanged.  Two enormous binders of them.  Yes, we kept them all.

We chatted a bit....then he asked if he could call. Anyone who knows me well knows I don't talk much on the phone but I said yes without much hesitation. I was absolutely not interested in a relationship especially with someone who also had young kids and lived in Texas. Nope. Not interested. No way. :) But some cute guy wanting to talk to me on the phone. I could do that.
Not long after, he invited me to fly out to Austin and he met me at the airport. He was there when I walked off the plane and I can still remember when he took my hand and smiled at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

First Florida Date, April, 1997

When he came out to Florida to visit me a few weeks later, he brought a dictionary. I have no idea why but I think it was to convince me why having a relationship with him was a good idea. I didn't know yet the extent of his goofiness. He was right. It was a very good idea

My birthday where he dressed up and serenaded me with his cardboard guitar. I could fill pages with so many of his wonderful, silly and fun surprises over the years.

It certainly was never easy. But worthwhile things seldom are. We had five young children that we loved beyond all measure. We had both been through a whole lot of heartache and loss but we both so wanted another chance to build a lasting love and life together. And so we did. So many challenges but so many amazing moments that turned into months and years. So many adventures and life changes and along the way the realization that we were in it for the long haul.

The first summer we had all the kids with us in
 Florida.  And one extra with our niece, Chelsea, in the red shirt.
Our our annual Memorial Day Concert in the Park.

When he looks at me with those blue eyes and smiles, my heart still skips a beat. I adore him and his silliness and the way he wakes up every day happy and in love with the world. We were both so honored and happy to be present for his son Tyler's wedding to our sweet new daughter, Lauren, last week. During the toast they asked Broc to give, he said this, "I've been happily married most of the time but in love All of the time." To me, that says so much. We've had our ups and downs as marriages do. Some years (like this last one) have tested us both. Yet,..what has sustained us and kept our relationship strong is simply that we chose to keep on loving each other through the best and worst of times.
On our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary - Photo by Brenna

 We are happiest sharing simple times together. Walks around the lake, taking photos of strange and beautiful things, taking endless dance lessons because it's fun and thinking that maybe someday we will remember the lessons well enough to actually dance. We are honestly both happiest when we are sharing times with our children but we still love just spending the day together hiking the tallest mountain we can find.

Hike to Black Balsam

I treasure the memories of all our years together so far and I look forward to all those to come. So here's to saying Yes. To a chance encounter turning into a lasting love with a whole lot of luck and committment. Here's to my sweet guy.....who lives so big and never gives up on the ones he loves. Here's to March 25, 1997 and to March 25, 2017 and every moment in between. I'm so very lucky. Happy 20 years since you tracked me down,Broc Higgins <3 span=""> I'm so very grateful that you did. I love you to the moon and back. <3 span="">

At Tyler and Lauren's wedding this past month.  It was one of those "Best of Times" And still those blue eyes and the sweetest smile.


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