Still Learning

Over the years, I've been told many (SO MANY) times that I'm 1) too trusting 2) gullible and 3) put too much faith in believing that people are kind at heart.

I don't consider those negative traits.  I'd rather be trusting and be disappointed than go through life not trusting people.  And yes, I am gullible and that goes along with believing that what people tell me is true.  I truly do believe that "most" people are kind at heart.

Recently, I've added the "most" due to our current POTUS.  Then not long ago, I was at a social event where I had a huge realization.  This was one of those "We are going to hit you over the head so you will finally get this message".

What I finally grasped was this.  For some people, image is the most important thing in their lives. It overules relationships and kindness.  These individuals must find a way to appear so others view them as successful, loved, and socially valued. Money seems to be a huge factor with people like this.  They seem to equate having money with an increase in social standing and likeability. My "aha" moment brought clarity and peace of mind to a situation I was puzzled about for many years.

Anne Lamott says "It's better to be kind, than to be right"  This message was one we tried to demonstrate and communicate to our children. It's a message so valuable in helping our children continue to chose kindness in their lives.  My realization that for some people being right, or at least thinking they are right, overshadowing being kind has been both eye-opening and perplexing.

It makes no sense to me but I have seen first hand both in recent politics and personal situations that is is true.

This past year has led me to deeper understandings of relationships both present and past. I continue to ponder and examine and occasionally post what I'm discovering or at least questioning here. One of my dearest friends as well as my husband have both told me that "Some people are just not nice people."  Okay, I get that now.  I get it Universe!  However, I will still add that I truly believe these individuals were damaged growing up and are carrying so much hurt within them that they either strike at others or function in unhealthy ways.  So there.  I do get it but I'm still not sure they were born that way.

Life is weird.  People are strange.  In spite of it all, I'm not giving up on loving.  I'm being kind to even those I don't understand. I'm being kind to those that are hurtful and unkind.

 I still believe in forgiveness and love. My heart is open to the hope that a more peaceful world can come from accepting those that are not.

And there you have it.  Ramblings from a woman in search of a kinder world and with hope that our children continue to do the same.  Carry on with your radical unschooling lives. It's such a sweet way to live. It truly is a ray of hope in what is a crazy world right now.


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